Sandra Viscuso

Montreal graphic artist, painter and yoga instructor.

Graphic Artist

Passion for fine arts manifested very early in my life, from illustrating books for kids to creating comic books for underground publications. After my studies in product design, my experience in graphics grew while working for international publicity agencies and as an independent graphic artist.

Oil and Watercolour

There is a magical quality of opaques and transparency in both medias while adding the gesture of the artist on the brush. I’ve been told I use watercolours as if they were oils and vice versa. In any case, I enjoy experiencing the process and the insights that come within.

Inhale … exhale

I’ve been a martial artist since I was 7. My parents used to take me to Aiki-Do classes, proud to see their little girl jumping, rolling, and performing where women were minority. I was fascinated with the harmony of the movements, letting go shyness, insecurities and fears. Later, I discovered yoga as a tool to heal, open and balance, and fill our bodies with something greater. Today I am an Iyengar practitioner, with a 200YTT certificate, and avid to continue learning and sharing the benefits of yoga with others.
I offer one-on-one personalized classes, for groups and organization. 

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